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On the last day of The Retreat 2021, which was held in December 2021, our respected guests requested us to arrange regular meetups and spiritually uplifting programmes. 

We responded by forming "Revert Support By Islam4you" 


Thus the first of many exciting and beneficial events for the year Twenty Twenty Two is "Hike with fellow Reverts" 

The idea is for fellow Muslims who are new on the journey of Islam to meet, share some light moments and take inspiration from the advices and company of our male & female Islamic Scholars. 

Males: Sunday 13 February 2022

Females: Sunday 20 February 2022

The venue: Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

Distance: 6km (3km also possible)

Arrival time: 09:00

Termination: 13:15

Cost: Free

Lunch will be provided

Registration is open to all Muslim adults who are new on this beautiful journey of Islam

This promises to be a highly inspirational and spiritually uplifting hike!

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