Just imagine leaving the mundane for one weekend and strengthening your relationship with Allah through Salah, Dhikr and stimulating discussions. Moreover, envisage sharing this experience with fellow Muslims who are new to this journey and share the same challenges. 

This retreat guarantees to be a catalyst for great spiritual improvement and social integration. The weekend is meant to assist Muslims who are new on the journey, to find their way and navigate life in light of the pure teachings of Islam


After enjoying meals together participants will either be inspired by the dynamic scholars in attendance, or in the outdoors reconnecting with nature. 

There will be stimulating discussions, lectures, Q&A sessions, teambuilding activities and much more. The full schedule will be sent to all registered participant closer to the time


Ml Ahmed Bhyat (Islam4you)

Ml Ebrahim Bham (Secretary General at Jamiatul Ulama South Africa)

Ml Bilal Moola (Imam at Marlboro Masjid)

Ml Suhail Wadee (Director at Ashraful Aid)

Ml Zain Khumalo (Dynamic Social Worker)

Muallimah S Vawda (Founder of Rawdatul 'Ilm, Houghton)


The venue chosen for this event is the Lido Hotel, in Eikenhof, Johannesburg. Participants have the option of either sharing a room with one other member (of the same gender) or staying alone. Married couples could also be housed together.  

For more information on the venue  https://lidohotel.co.za

Gender relations

Because of the great importance Islam places on separation between genders, we will put in place measure which will ensure the same, including accommodation in separate sections, different meal times, activities at opposite ends of the venue and marshals to ensure adherence. 


The cost for the two nights accommodation, five meals, refreshments and activities is R1 000. (50% has been subsidised) Payment of the entire amount will secure your place 

For more information please feel free to contact us 082 786 2651/info@islam4you.org

Registrations are now closed

Hope to see you at our next event