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Islam4you is a project of Ashraful Uloom Marlboro, based in Johannesburg South Africa.

We are a group of Muslims dedicated to dispelling misconceptions on Islam, building bridges with fellow neighbours and citizens, providing for mutual engagement on matters which would improve our communities, partnering on achieving of common goals and providing holistic Islamic education and support.

  • Mosque Open Days for people of other faiths

  • Exclusive Mosque Tours for companies, educational institutes, tourists & individual groups

  • Providing a Live chat service on our website, to answer all your queries on Islam & Muslims.

  • Various forms of Da'wah, including street Da'wah & at Coffee shops

  • Providing of support, education & guidance to the new members of the faith

  • Arranging courses and upliftment programmes for Da'is

  • Imparting of the authentic teachings of Qur'an & Hadith via the Online Platform

  • Arranging of regular get-togethers of inspiration, for new members, in the company of our senior scholars 

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