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Basics of Islamic Beliefs & Practices

A starter pack for the New Muslim

These are the recordings of a course on the Basics of Islam, which was conducted over two days, in September 2018. This course covered the absolute essentials which every Muslim is required to know. We hope that it does serve as a starting point for a New Muslim's journey.

We suggest you view the video in the order that it appears below, as the course has been set up in a way that it take you through the journey. 


Any Questions?

 If you do have any questions on the content discussed please feel free to contact us via email ( or via the live chat facility. 

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Intro (Importance of course)

Intro to "Islam & it's sources"

Belief in Allah (God)

Belief in Life after Death, Predestination & the Companions (R.A.)

Intro to Taharah (Islamic Cleanliness)

Ghusl (The Major Ablution)

Belief in the Messengers,

The books & the Angels

Intro to Fiqh (Islamic Law)

Etiquette of Relieving Oneself 

Wudhu (The Minor Ablution)

Wudhu (The Minor Ablution) Part 2

Introduction to Salah (Prayer)

Rulings of Salah (Prayer) Part 1

Rulings of Salah (Prayer) Part 3

Zakah (Giving of alms)

Wudhu (The Minor Ablution) Part 3

Practical Salah (Prayer)

Rulings of Salah (Prayer) Part 2

Sawm (Fasting)

The Halal Way

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