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Assalamu Alaikum

Peace be upon you

Congratulations on successfully registering for  "The Fundamentals". It gives great pleasure welcoming you to this life changing course. We pray that it exceeds your expectations and is a means of great benefit to you.

Please note that this course consists of three modules (wider categories), namely Aqaaid (Islamic Beliefs), Fiqh (Islamic Rulings) & Akhlaq wal Aadaab (Islamic Character and Mannerisms). All three modules are accessible to you, however we suggest that you first complete "Islamic Beliefs" then go onto "Islamic Rulings" and finally study "Islamic Character and Mannerisms"


Want a certificate?

Upon successfully completing all three modules you will receive a certificate of completion. All that's required is for you to send us a message via the live chat requesting the certificate. It would then be emailed to you.


After every section you will find a short and simple quiz. ​These quizzes are created primarily to assist you to know whether you have gained a good enough understanding of the content. Additionally, all quizzes are compulsory  for those who wish certification 

Any questions?

Please feel free to chat with us via the live chat box on the website

Module One
Module Two
Module Three
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