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Since Muslims first moved into Lakefield in the early 1990s work commenced on establishing a Mosque and an Islamic centre. This was realised in 2004 when the construction of Masjid ul Ansaar was completed. 

A day of building bridges and fostering better community relations is planned at the Lakefield Mosque

The executive members, Imams, and congregation at Masjid ul Ansaar, Lakefield, will be a hosting a Mosque Open Day on Saturday 14 September 2019. This event is meant to bring the community together, clear misconceptions and forge an even better understanding amongst the members of our culturally diverse yet united locality. 


The mosque is named after "The Helpers"(Ansaar), a group of Prophet Muhammad's _(Peace be upon him)_ selfless companions who made it their life's mission to see to the needs of others. With the hope of following this legacy, the congregation strives to be part of the various community projects, on personal and collective levels.


"... and be good to your neighbour" [Prophet Muhammad]


With this in mind, we wish to invite you to the Mosque Open Day, join us for a cup of tea, benefit from a guided tour of the mosque and be inspired by the rich history of Muslims in South Africa and their involvement in the struggle to freedom. 


This promises to be a day of goodness, community building & friendship


Finally, visitors could join us for any of the three tours and presentations:

🔸 10:00

🔸 11:30

🔸 13:30

Guests could also view the Midday Congregational Prayer at 12:45


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For more information

011 918 6253



Masjid ul Ansaar

696 Vernon Street Lakefield

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