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 Basics of Islamic Belief


This course covers the basics of Islāmic Beliefs, meant for New Muslims or those who wish to brush up on the basics. This one evening will cover all the essentials of Islamic Beliefs, including the Oneness of Allah, The Messengers, Angels, Predestination & the Hereafter. There will also be a presentation on the Physical Description of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)

About the Course:

Duration: One Evening [Approximately 2.5hrs]

Date: 15 November 2019[Friday]

Time: Maghrib - 21:45


  • Classrooms at Masjid Muadh bin Jabal, Crosby

  • Separate ladies facilities

  • Entrance fee: Free

  • Engaging & captivating slide presentations will be used to enhance your learning experience

  • Refreshments will be provided

  • Registration is essential. Please register by Jumuah Salah on 15 November 2019


  • Ml Ahmed Bhyat (Islam4you)

  • Ml Ahmad Bodhania (Lecturer at Jamiah al Ulum al Islamiyyah)

  • Ml Abu Hurairah Bobat (Lecturer at Jamiah al Ulum al Islamiyyah)

  • Ml Taahir Salloo (Imam at Mayfair Jumuah Masjid)

  • Qari Hussein Kazi (Imam at Auckland Park Masjid)

  • Ml Ayaaz Angamia (Imam at Homestead Jumuah Masjid)

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